Limited Edition 'It's Raining' Hand-painted A6 Waterproof Tyvek Notepad Tyvek Paper Waterproof Notepad Indestructible Notepad

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Hand-painted Tyvek Notepad


Say goodbye to sodden notepads with our limited edition waterproof hand-painted pad. Every pad is unique and handmade in our studio from sheets of genuine Tyvek© paper. The sheets are cut, folded and hand-stitched together with waxed linen thread, resulting in a flexible and durable binding.

Tyvek© is a recycled material, and its unique composition makes it waterproof and tear-proof. Over time, it develops a crumpled effect but will not damage even if it is accidentally submerged in water!

This pad contains 36 pages of Tyvek© in A6 size (approx. 10.6x15cm) and its cover measures approx. 12x17cm.

Our Tyvek© Notepad would be the ideal companion on a camping holiday, fishing trip, bird-spotting excursion or any other occasion where water is.

Please note not all pens and pencils write effectively on the surface; however, most ballpoint pens are usable on the paper.

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