About us

Who we are...

Hello! We are a small business based in Somerset, South West England. Our mission is to assist you with quality and effective paper products and unique calligraphy and artwork. The Croftly African Elephant depicts our promise to offer you intelligent and lasting solutions in whatever you do.  

We promise that all of our paper products are FSC certified and from sustainable sources. 

We design and produce our own hand written calligraphy for a range of items and occasions. Our calligrapher is dedicated to producing beautifully individual calligraphy for our customers. All commission work is considered; please contact us if you have any projects you would like to discuss. 


Recycling is also an important consideration for us. We have a recycling widget on our site- www.croftly.com/pages/local-recycling- so you can check where you can recycle our products near your home.

Croftly Elephant